Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Site

Hello! It's been a fantastic month getting the new site ready to share with you all. Yes - there is a little blog option in the upper right hand corner that I will be updating here and there with creative projects and life posts but, not nearly as frequent as my I did my blogspot. Please enjoy the new site and stop back in when you can for updates on new pieces available.


Saturday, December 28, 2013


I have been thinking of this post for a little while now.

I started this blog when I was pregnant with my twin boys and it has been such a healthy and wonderful creative outlet for me. The day would come when I just wouldn't want to do it anymore. It never felt right until very recently. To share my life and creativity with the world has been a true joy but, being a single mom it takes an immense amount of energy to juggle it all and my main focus is at home with my boys & my career. I am sure all you mommies can relate! With the new year coming up It felt it so right to clear many distractions off the table and start a new. The Internet can be a wonderful tool but, as a blogger I find can keep you so preoccupied. When I look at my sons I think of what kind of foot print I want to leave with them and how much this occupies the time they deserve.

I will be still selling furniture under a new format, when that is up this will come down so it will be a couple weeks and will let you all know where you can find it. It has been really fun to share my creativity and adventures with you all and I hope as a reader you find something in all of this when you have visited. Most importantly that my foot print left a good mark...

Monday, December 23, 2013

A recipe for a happy heart

  • If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I gave my once grey asian credenza a major make over with some super glossy white paint and I really love it! 
  • Our Christmas tree is a bit fugally this year but sweet... I found the "perfect" tree at the Christmas farm and well... you give an itty bitty 5 ft mommy some christmas lights for a 6'7" tree and toddler boys that only decorate the lower half. You end up with very poorly distributed lovely decorated lite noble!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Paper Source // Christmas Wrapping

Simple is my Christmas decor this year, in other wards another good phrase for it is (unfortunately) "last minute". I had received a generous gift card from Paper Source to spend on my holiday needs in the amount of $20 and wanted to see what I could put together that was simple and elegant. I headed to Paper Source with THIS inspiration image and with a roll of gold polkadot washi tape, a roll of brown paper and a fresh twig from the left over lower cut limbs of our tree I put my creativity to work with their beyond helpful staff.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A weekend in the forest

I feel thankful to have a place to escape to, to call my own. Our cabin is nestled on a teal lake in the Olympics - Washington. It's a wonderful place to restore especially when you need it like our last couple weeks being so sick. I deeply believe there is much value in growing your children in the out doors, and doing so as much as possible. If there were few convictions I have, that would be one of them. We spent the weekend exploring Mt. Ellinor and discovered a beautiful frozen waterfall. After warming up with some hot chocolate we spent our evening watching Despicable me 2 (absolutely hilarious if you need a family movie recommendation) and the sugar cookies, oh the sugar cookies... they were delicious!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Taking your home...

to anywhere you can imagine...

Just to forewarn you I have absolutely uploaded way to many inspirational pictures for this post but, if this seems up your alley by all means continue to scroll away! 

I kind of wanted give you a birds eye view in my mind, of what I was thinking when I bought my vintage trailer. Inspirational pictures of the situations I am drawn too, and as I feel like I am missing many that include children, it still gives you a great idea. For 2014 I plan on taking my trailer to the bay area for my annual road trip but, other then that it's primary use is to utilize the weekends in the pacific north west. In a dream world I have some bucket list hiking and mountain biking I would like to do in Utah, Idaho, Montana and Colorado but, most importantly I am excited to enjoy this with my children and friends... 

Let's start with baby step!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Recipe for a happy heart

Wait, or is it a recipe for a sick heart?...

Geez you guys.

I do wish, I could be telling you about amazing adventures we've been having but the sickies have caught up with my little family 110%. We've literally spent about 9 days hibernating like bears in the house with serious fevers/colds/flus symptoms. You betcha, the house was on some serious lock down. I think officially were coming out of it - Thank god. However, I did manage to redo some chairs that will be for sale here shortly and I love, with a capitol (L) the print I bought from SS Print Shop (a donut) says, "donut worry / be happy" for little E's room!

Grab those christmas trees, embrace the cold, drink too much hot chocolate and stay warm; and don't get sick.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sophie & Lili

The Sophie & Lili company is the most darling ever! I came across the custom water color figures on Instagram and stalked the source all the way back to it's website falling in love with this little company. Sophie & Lili primarily sells these adorable dolls priced at only $20. Fantastic christmas presents for the littles. 

The custom watercolor figures are my personal favorite. Aren't they darling? I've already put it on my Christmas list this year for Santa!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Recipe For A Happy Heart

Happiness is...

Waking up every morning to my children crawling in to my bed

Night spent with my whole family at my parents house

That exhilarating high while I mountain bike

and that connected confident feeling when I am done

The peace in my heart after a good yoga session

Train tracks that stretch from my dining room to my living room

Snuggling into bed with my cup of tea and new book

Scoring tons really awesome presents from goodwill that my kids will love all for $13.00

Thankful and appreciative clients

Catching up with my cousin

The beautiful clear cool crisp weather