Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eating like champs.

Were finally there! I can now say my boys are good eaters. My biggest hurdle so far in motherhood has been spoon feeding two. Mostly we've been eating our own home made puree but, today we ate canned organic sweet potatoes and apples for desert. E&L are stoked, they love to eat! They get overly excited when they see there spoon and kick there feet. We wondered how we were going to spoon feed two. I guess you just do it like, everything else! Most times it's overly messy and just plain sucks but, the more and more we do it the more they dig it! My favorite quote from daddy at eating time: "Ok let pretend were playing soccer. You can't use your hands!"

Love: Classic Modern Chairs

My Chairs came in the mail. You should have seen me, it was ridiculous. I celebrated by sitting in them!

Beaba in 5min action.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All bundled up ready to ride.

It snowed hard last night! The afternoon melted it all away so we were able to go on our walk. I Bundled the boys in there snow outfits (which are from old navy). Check out clover. She as so sad she didn't get to go with. Next time sweet girl!

Deal on Zulily for custom stamps

Today I ordered on a custom return address stamp. Over the holidays I bought a few return labels for my holiday cards and I loved them! But, I don't like the idea of needing to buy more when you run out. When I saw this deal on Zulily for $24.00 I snagged it! I've seen these stamps in stores before and have thought I've always wanted one but, didn't really want to bite the $60.00 it is to have it. Below are some example images of stamps they create.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spokane has my chairs.

I just got my updated status on my order for my chairs. There in spokane! Im tracking them. Oh I can't wait to sit in them. The First one below is a Bertoia Replica. I ordered two for the heads of my table. I heavily debated between this metal mesh and the ghost chair by Phillipe Stark and so, bought one ghost chair for my stainless desk. I can't wait to post pictures after they come!

Philippe Starck designed it inspired by the classic Louis XVI armchair so there you have a classic touch with a modern feel of acrylic. This chair is so amazing like the one above because the transparency allows you to see another furniture piece you pair with it.

The big 6. mo!

Holiday trash.

Christmas is over but, the remands are plenty. I've been cleaning my house in phases after christmas. I wish I took a before and after picture of my house of all the mess. It was incredible. Biggest mistake, declining help cleaning it.

Show and Tell.

I wanted to share this sweet moment with you. I took a ton of pictures of my Ethan snoozing.

15 Things that make my heart happy.

1. My baby boys.

2. Friends, family and community.

3. Farmers Markets. On a hot summer day, a perfect day would strolling around with a pink lemonade surrounded by people checking out the market.

4. Flordia Keys! One of my most favorite places.

5. A dog park. Here in the NW we are spoiled to have such great dog parks. I love to see the dogs run and play.

6. Design, decor, textile, graphics. Gimme Gimme! I can spend hours looking through magazine dreaming up new looks for my house. My house would look like a complete hodge podge, disaster zone if I owned all the pieces of furniture I wanted.

7. A Madeline Weinrib Rug.

8. Specifically North Tacoma. I think I could literally drive around, or bike through all neighborhoods and look at all the cute houses especially in the summer time. I've never lived anywhere, where people take such pride in there community. I love it here. It's home.

9. Old photographs. I love history and the story behind an old photo. Now a days we have digital camera, yea I love them but, we don't take photos to capture a moment so much these days. More so, create a picture.

10. When the person I love gives me a big long hug, a sweet kiss or affection more so now that I am a mom and give-give-give all day long. It doesn't make my heart smile as much as it makes me melt and relax. Yes.. I'm still a girl even though, I'm now a mom. Moooooshy... :)

11. A big cup of Joe (or tea). I love my coffee. Did you know I never drank coffee up until a few years ago? I suppose its sort of an addiction. I've turned into the person that can function better in the morning, or excited when I smell it brewing.

12. Quietness. Shhhh... I don't know if it will ever feel 'right' anymore to have a quiet house but, it sure feels like vacation when it happens.

13. My bad-ass D90 Camera. I was so nervous to buy it but, and spend that much money but, I love it!

14. When I see a Datsun driving on the road. No, not an 80's one... and old 60's vintage. Long story short. My parents have them, I've had them. I love the way they smell. How dorky and fun they are to drive.

15. I feel like I can breathe again when I hit the ocean. The sand between my toes. The sound of the waves reminding me that I'm just a small dot on this earth. I'm nothing compared to the great vast earth and it is amagnificent creation we live in. Its like a chain effect. I love feeling simple and small.

Bonus: A bubble bath and glass of wine or tea.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Annnnnd.... were back. Growing Paper Whites:

How i feel like a 4th grader fueled with excitement to show you a new science project! I practically bought out TJ maxx with there paper white kits. They were under $10 and were the best christmas presents. Every morning I get up there so much bigger then the day before. They haven't bloomed but, check out there growth!

To be continued...