Saturday, October 29, 2011

Living Room Feature by Swoon Worthy.

My favorite home inspiration comes from friends and other bloggers. Were it was put together by the owners two hands and there DIY's. Well here is one of my favorite living room's that look's like it was strait of a magazine. First off this is a PERFECT balanced room. The chesterfield is so luxurious and I admire the use between the dark and light colors. You also see a ton of femininity in this room with the chandelier, the sunburst...but, there are some awesome masculine elements like that great black chair in the corner and the rich hardwood floors. This is my first livingroom feature of many to come... Here it is strait from the UK... Swoon Worthy. For the rest of her house tour you can see it here.



  1. LOVE everything about this space, and she def has a fabulous blog!

    xx Patience

    p.s. email me when you have a chance Erin. :)

  2. Oh you sweet thing you! Thank you so much for the shout out on my living room and for all your kind words. It means even more when it comes from someone who's style I admire!

    I totally agree about the diy thing as well - when someone has managed to pull a beautiful room together with a bit of hard graph, I am normally so much more inspired than by those that are able to 'call in the builders' or buy everything off the shelf. Can't wait to see how this series progresses!

    Thanks again (and thank you Patience as well!) and hope you are having a lovely weekend xxx

  3. i love any room designed by swoonworthy! always a balance of feminine and edge and real. absolutely a must follow blog and must watch blogger (she's always got something fabulous up her sleeve).

    thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!


  4. It's been such a pleasure following Swoon Worthy's progress on this room, the result is utterly fabulous! Ooh that olive velvet chesterfield is so seductive!