Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Post, Perfect Pins.

Today I have to thank Angela Nelson from The Blooming Hydrangea for sharing her 5 favorite pins from Pinterest! She has such a wonderful blog that you'll love. Check her out!


I love the handles on the drawers and the gold trim. Gold and black is a classic look. The glasses on top of the books add just the perfect touch to make it feel less staged and more homey.

I love love love the geometric stencil on the back wall in a bold color.The coral piping on the chair is a great touch to just bring in a small amount of bright color into the space. The gold against the navy wall is great. I think the picture for me is a perfect example of contrasting yet complimentary colors and textures. It just works well together and a bonus, it’s an inspiration pin for my master bedroom.

I LOVE stripes, love them!This rug, the table, the books, I want to grab a book, pull the two chairs closer to each other so I can sit in one and rest my feet in the other and read all day. Plus I love the light fixture too. The walls are dark but it doesn’t feel dark at all with the white curtains, white bookcases and yummy chunky crown molding! I’m hoping there is a fireplace across the room that you can’t see because that would make this perfect!

I saw this pin and immediately loved it!Our children have been asking for a play kitchen and this is the perfect answer!; We made a play kitchen last year out of items we had in our home and they loved it.; When we moved this summer we had to leave our play kitchen behind, we literally had no room for it.Now we can have fun making something like this together as a family and then we get to play with it when we’re done.That’s what I call a win-win!Now I just need to find a free entertainment center on Craigslist!
Now I know that pinterest is great for recipes, home stuff, diy, clothing, craft projects, photography and much more.; One of my favorite things about Pinterest is some of the crazy and funny things people pin.; I have an entire board of stuff that makes me laugh.The other night, it was past midnight for sure, the hubs and I were sitting on the couch and I was browsing interest I came across this picture and it was so funny!We couldn’t stop laughing, in fact the hubby might have even been crying a bit from laughing so hard.; I’m sure it wont be as funny for you as it is for me but it’s one of my favorites and so I’m sharing it.

Who puts a diaper on their cat’s head?Seriously!; Too funny! 

Thank you Erin for having me here today to share my favorite pins, I had fun! If you aren’t following Erin on Pinterest yet, you should, she pins some great stuff! 

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  1. Oh that reimagined entertainment centre is just genius!! I love it! And that cat totally made me laugh as well! My cats would KILL ME if I even attempted that (but it might be worth it to try anyway) ;)

    Great series and great pins! I've just become a follower of Ange's Pinterest boards on the strength of these five :) x