Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saying our Good-Bye's. Thomas Paul Bench.

Sometime's it's hard to say our good-byes. Today I am having a hard time letting this one go. I'm trying to convince my self to keep it, and even though it looks like there's room in this corner of my house for it, really there isn't and this is the spot for my boys high chairs. This is a yard and a half long piece of thomas pauls fabric bloom.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kinda crazy.

I really feel like time is flying fast!!! but the day it's self can be really long... weird. We recently bought E&L tooth brushes. Which got me thinking, wow! they need this already? ... which they do because they have like 7 teeth each?! but my babies which, feels like they were born just yesterday... already need tooth brushes... wow.
Further more, Ethan is CRAZY, about climbing. Climbing on everything, tables, his crib, even his bro Liam. Liam is our sweet talkative chubbers. Liams really into throwing his hands up and down, smacking things especially that make noise. He smacks the ground, my face and again his bro Ethan.
So, were smacking things, scooting, blabbing, climbing, giggling, screeching, almost crawling but not really... Few.

haha, oh and then we make cute furniture in between all that.

I'm not kidding you, I love it but, it's kinda crazy.. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hard at work? or play?

On my spare time, being a mom of twins, I've been working really hard on my inventory for Clementine + Olive. Some of the latest pieces you can see on my site but, this is my favorite one. Its a chair in thomas paul fabric, bloom. The sign is being made as we speak which I'm pretty excited to see it. I hope to see you this Saturday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hand-hooked Miff Wool Rug (7'9 x 9'9)

Hand-hooked Miff Wool Rug (7'9 x 9'9)

I'm kind of excited about this rug. I'm going to stare at it a little bit more but, it's online at for just under $300. $300 for that big of a rug! awesome. It kind of reminds me of a madeline weinrib rug. Whom, I'm crazy obsessed over and could never afford one. Either way, check her stuff out for inspiration and 'ah's'

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm off to San Diego for two days, Ciao!

Looks I'm loving.

This look is so easy and effortless.

Head board made out of a door. This room is really energetic to me!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rags Event.

Dear Tacomians, Check this event out. It starts tomorrow (friday) and raises money for the domestic violence Programs. I hope I see you there!

Living in color.

What a sweet morning. Ah I woke up to chirping birds today. I love that sound in the morning because you know it means spring is right around the corner. With summer following. Usually the boys are whining to get out of bed but, today they weren't. I started my coffee pot curled up on my sofa checking out the daily sale sites (, kingslane..) I always tend to pass up book sales but after glancing into it I saw a book I longed for. Pattern by Orla Kiely. Her style of pattern is always right up my alley. I love how she lives in bright colors... on that note I bet her home looks amazing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Let's talk cases for a moment. Cosmetic, laptop, ipad... the list goes on. I'd love to hear ones you've been dying for.

Recommended for twin mama diaper bag by JJ cole.

Swoon over Cosmetic bag by Apple & Bee

To die for ipad case: Cambria Cove.

Also recommended for twin mamas, can live in-diaper bag by Dwell Studio (of coarse). The old addition not the new one.

Pretty in all ways cell phone cover. By Etsy Seller daninotes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Beauty Bee.

I haven't done a beauty bee in a long time! I wanted to share with you my new finds along with how I put on "my face". I love that expression "Let me go put on my face!"

So when it comes to make up I believe if it takes you longer then 5 minutes your over doing it. This is my 5 minute every day face. It's a quickie and I'm using all my forever favorite products and a few new loves.

Ready? Here we go (left to right):

  1. Benefit cream shadow
  2. Benefit erase paste (mommy must have)
  3. Benefit Stay put over all eye primer (mommy must have)
  4. Smash box eye brow pencil (best ever)
  5. Hoola Bronzer (I've had this for YEARS it never goes away)
  6. Pixi highlighter cream, sold at target.
  7. Maybeline fit, this product is new for me. I'm head over heal for it and its cheap!
  8. Jane Erdale Mineral Powder
  9. Dior Show Mascara
  10. Make-up Liner in deep purple (looks brown on, amazing for brown eyes girls)
  11. Smash box quad shadows.
Three of these items are new for me. The Maybeline fit, ok if you know me I'm usually all high end make up. I just can find products that amaze me in the cheap end. This one I tried because I saw tons of reviews that were blown away and so am I. It doesn't make me break out and is the most amazing foundation I've used in that price range. These days I don't use much foundation.
The Make-up forever eye liner. Go try it! I love it I'm pretty sure I'm only going to be using this line of eyeliner from now on.
Pixi highlighter cream. I love this. Absolutely love it. I dab a very small amount on after I've put on my Jane Erdale powder and it brings a little dewy ness back into my skin.

Actual Photo.

After Kevin took over tonight, I slowly gathered my self to tidy the house and first headed to my bedroom. So, if you haven't read were all really sick. Last night Liam slept in my arms through the whole night, the only way he would stop whimpering is if I fed him a little bit with his bottle. Poor BuBu's.
Now, have you ever seen those magazines with the "actual photo" column? If not then your probably not familiar with what I'm about to show ya. As I proceeded cleaning up my house, my night stand was the first place I started. Cough drops for mommy, snot rags, old cup of tea... yuck. I put my bed back together and saw a missing bottle. How did I miss that thing it was right next to my head the whole time, guess I forgot about it.... again, yuck. I've turned in to a real mom these days. Glamorous image, I know... :)

8mo old.

The Wayman Family Nest's Auction

Love this Lamp? Well, head on over to The Wayman Family Nest to bid on it! Starting at $55.00. This is a handmade lamp shade covered with high end fabric by Dwell Studio. The base can be left silver or optionally painted white. All the proceeds go this amazing couple bring home there first adopted child from Ethiopia!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snot and Tears.

Quicky side note, because the last thing I'm going to do is be on my blog today: time is precious. Both my sons are sick, and I'm sick. Liam's just on fire and he's pissed too! Poor little love, you know I just feel so terrible but, I'm looking like a strait up lunatic here :) On the 3rd day of zero sleep and your most precious things on earth are falling apart from snot and tears your bound to get a little loopy... can you imagine me bouncing around the living room, wearing my son in a front back, singing practically every song I know by heart... for and hour and a half. Dude- not fun.
I spend the previous hours coddling him, bathing him, swinging him, watching some distracting tv, anything and everything... Blah...

So! he's napping now. After all that I stuck him in the jumperoo for like 5 min and he bounced his little self right to sleep. It was so fast. I just kept thinking, um, hello my little man wasn't I just doing that for ever in the living room with you? :)

Bein' a mom of your first babies, and the first time there seriously sick. It should all be video taped for later reminiscing...

If your wondering where's little Ethan. Daddy's in charge of not as sick but still cranky Ethan today. Thank you Kevin for being such a good Daddy.

The Wayman Family Nest's Auction.

At the Wayman family nest there holding an auction right now to make there dream come true of adopting a little one from Ethiopia. Pictures below are just some of the items up for auctions!