Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh goods around the house.

My new calling cards by made by girl
Surprise new livingroom color. Martha Stewarts Morning Fog.

Two words, Peony Season. Favorite flower and a Calypso St. Barth for Target tea pot.
My color palate for my Garden Soiree I'm having late June with some good friends. All fabrics are from Amy Butlers line. Really, for the most part I'm over amy butler but, for custom parties her line never fails to be easy and coordinated. Table runner, napkins, placemat.

A well deserved wallet by Marc Jacobs
A great new handy drill for quickies around the house. Ladies, it's so handy to stick in a kitchen drawer and " does the job" for most any interior problems but, don't expect to impress your hubbies with this baby it's only a 5v. ;)

A recent family photo from memorial weekend.

(L to R) Mom, Liam, Me, Dad, Brother, Ethan

Michelle Armas

Ok I've been searching for some art for some spaces in my house. I've wanted something abstract with great use of playful colors and I've hit the jackpot. She's very talented with her shapes and lines through out the pieces. It makes me so inspired looking at her collection. Michelle's work starts around $175 and goes up! Sounds good to me :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Full day.

Why I'm sitting here writing this post while I have a full day in front of me I have no idea. *sip-sip-sip on coffee* I have a faux bamboo dresser going to it's new home tomorrow and I still have the dresser to do among many other of those earands that you put on the back burner, and if you a mom you know lugging around those extras make it SO awesome. TG my friend Rose is coming over to watch the boys for a few hours so I can cram some more things in. I hope I can end the day with some time at the gym.

Need to do:
Pick up sold things at shop to ship out
Pick up friend Rose
File Paper Work
Return Etsy Emails
Finish touching up hutch
Sand, Prime & Paint Dresser (Big chuck of day gone to that)
Go to Dwell (cute shop in T-town) and check out there fabric for TeaParty
Order Fabric for my bedding (can't wait to show you guys that project!!!)

Want to do and can wait:
Get Peonies
Paint Brown circles above boys beds

If I achieve these things tomorrow will be SO relaxing. That's how I think of it anyways... There seems to always be something to do around this house.

I'm super excited to post my new bedding, new bed room and changes in my living room!

They have to do with all of these:









...Let the auto-pilot mode commence...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Design Swoon.

I really just love the bed room below. The headboard is phenomenal but, the color scheme really does it for me. I'd really love waking up to a fresh bedroom like this. What an incredible design.

What an fantastic dog bed and would love to have one for clover. It's a great way to incorporate yet another fun pattern. I (believe) it's from the Furbish Shop online. We actually use Molly Mutt Duvets.
A gold branch lamp! Delightful. It took me a while to warm up to this look. I can't remember when my intreats evolved into obsession. Anyways, I knew they were pretty spendy and Zgallerie no longer makes them so you can imagine my surprise finding a table version at TJMAXX for $30! I can't wait to show off it's make-over.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ikat Pillows on Ebay.

I'm sorry to burst the bubble for some of the shops out there selling these for $70 each. If your like me an obsessed with this stuff here you go....There are like a eight-bagillion ikat pillows on Ebay from companies that buy them from the source. There all TWO for $24.00!!

So, Ikat away my wonderful readers...

These "silk ikat fabrics" all originate from the same area. Shops buy them and of coarse mark them up. So where ever you buy them from, there all coming from the same place. The country there made makes these like crazy, it's like buying a fortune cookie from china. Why pay more for the thing that comes from the same place.... oh and same same thing goes for FOO DOGS BTW. (check it out) <3

SEARCH EBAY FOR: Ikat Pillow or Ikat Fabric

..... now if I can only find a country that mass produces glass knobs like the ones below.... :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Live Center Piece.

Plant: French Moss
Home: My diningroom table

I found this really long planter at TJMAXX for $14.00 and thought it would really make a great live center piece. I spend probably $40.00 a month on flowers and it's finaly nice to have something in my home that will stick around more then a few days. I can't wait until it grow a little bit more and starts to cover and fall off the edges. { A Tip } If you planter doesn't have a whole for a drain, get a plant that the pot fits very close to the planter size so it can drain from it's plastic liner.

The best part is I can freshen up the back yards patio set with it too.

Re-create Serena Lily Headboard.

Not, like my to-do list isn't big enough but I'm going forth with re-creating this Serena & Lily headboard to sell at the shop. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My life: Bath time with the boys, too cute for words.

It's funny how I look back through these pictures and think "wow, this is my life". I was nothing compared to what I am now, Mama. The joy in there little laughter ah.. I love it.

Blog Share: Lay Baby Lay

Why: This blog is bursting at the seams of child and baby decor inspiration. She puts together Story boards with the very most perfect rooms for your children. It will make you want to wipe you babies room slate clean and start all over from scratch!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip from a Twin Mama. #2

Make it easier then ever to get out the door faster by packing two diaper bags at once, or even three. Rotate them and keep them always full of essential so, when the day is ending and your ready for bed you have yet another bag pre-packed ready for the next day. I get SO over whelmed with the amount of packing, the multiple trips to the car, the multiple babies, the double stroller, dog..... I've been using this idea I got from a friend for the last week. It's a good one!

Textiles to Toggles. Obsessions.

This is a creation for the Matters of Style blog who also has a market place you can purchase from with vintage finds and more. This is actually one of there DIYS. You can get the Shades of light version HERE.

Cut minerals are gorgeous and make a home SO unique, bookends, coasters...ect.

I love these glass toggles. They come with a $25 a piece price tag but, sure enough to great a chic look on any painted furniture.

Im positive I love this Stationary because it looks like a Kelly Wearstler print even one of the Thomas Pauls too.
These are a very inexpensive option for a monogramed tray from an Etsy source Jurisco shop also located in Seattle. These are awesome at the $25 range!!
Here is a fabric from Windsor Smith Home. It's really popular right now and you mostly see it on pillows but I'm going to order a yard to make a Roman Shade for my bathroom.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Custom Invites on a Dime

I really appricheate a good invitation. So, when having a party of coarse I'm going to go all out with the invitations. Not this time, I wanted to try something new most importantly cost effective. I spent about .57 per invitation and got 75 total. 50 for my boys birthday and 25 for my garden tea party (Go me for being girly!!)
  • I got my two invitations designed by two graphics desigers on Etsy.
  • Sent the JPG to Kinkos and had them printed out 2 to a page.
  • I could have saved $14 by cutting them my self but, they have a machine that cuts the whole stack in one slice.
  • Envelopes at paper products.