Friday, July 29, 2011

All things that start with B.

I'm off for a weekend getaway vacation. We'll it's to my parents house but I'm occupying their casa with my friends and there kids (don't worry mom I'll leave it as I found it). Bainbridge, Beach, Beer-BBQ, Babies, Bonfire,....
and absolutely no blogging.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bathroom Digs.

I've been spending time re-doing the decor in my bathroom. One of my new favorite things about it is of coarse this windsor smith DIY shade I made. As I sit in a bubble bath I stare and think just how much I love this fabric, every time. I can't wait to upload some better angles of the new digs!

The teapot it my very favorite the semi-awesome sale of Calypso St. Barth for target. I say semi-awesome because I feel like a few things, such as this teapot hit the sale out of the ball park but, jeez did anyone else think the sale was a real let down? A few items of the clothing were super cute, the others truly looked like farmers market tie-dye finds. The lingerie rocked my socks, so did the jewelry. There were a few major items of the decor (i.e. the pouf, teapot, hurricane candle holders that were good, I'd possibly put the candles on that list) but, the kitchen ware was cheesy to the max...
... this teapot was such a steal... it had sold out online and had just thought I'd popped over to my local target to see if they had anything good left. This little teapot was the only one left, and I got it.

Another way to do an egg.

For this:
You will need this:
Feta Cheeze
Egg white or Egg
Any size tomatoes
Rosemary (preferably fresh)
I used a 5oz. ceramic dish from my 6 piece Giada De Laurentiis set by Target.
(which for about $40 is highly recommended. I'm very happy with her cook ware and have practically the whole kitchen-love it!..... and love the price)
  • Boil your water. Water need to only hit dish at about 1/2 or 3/4 the dish.
  • put a tab of butter or oil at the bottom of dish
  • put in egg
  • turn heat down to med. (if there's too much water in the pot it will bubble into the ceramic ware. You can remove water with a paper towel tab or nuke it like the tip below w/o removing water)
  • This could sit for roughly 15min depending on the dish size
or as a cheater tip after the dish has sat for a while in the boiling water I nuke it in the microwave for about 10-15 to firm it up but, just to remind you, take it out with a dish towel or oven mitt. Its hot!

While it's boiling toast your bread and with a over mitt the egg should just fall out with turning it over. If not carefully spoon it out and it should still leave a nice form.

Garnish is with finely chopped, tomatoes, rosemary, feta cheese, pepper and sea salt.

...put the top on and enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

On a North West cloudy day I:

Made this yummy salad today.
Garbanzo beans
Garlic dressing
Feta Cheese

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As good as it gets.

This is as good as it's going to get to a "reveal" to my boys nursery. There is only a few components left to do or get. I have to finish tacking up 1 out of 2 curtains. So some sort of shelving. Find a in expensive carpet. Hang modern pendant lamp from ikea.

I painted two round dots on the walls with bright orange letters. This door I found in the trash in my neighbors yard. I sanded it and painted it with a primer/gloss. Annie Selke Pillow.

This table is a DIY with Dwell Studio fabric and two chairs from goodwill.

The perfect entertainment center.

I had a fairly small t.v. when I started this living room re-do. It's really important to me that a living room doesn't revolve around a t.v. Biggest livingroom petpeves.
  1. No, It is not cool to mount you tv on top of your fire place mantel.
  2. Also, framing your t.v. was smart like 4 years ago but, it was like a one hit wonder and the fad is over now.
  3. Monster size t.v's in a living room is like Man 1 Woman 0. Touch down! But, seriously, where do you draw the line. I'd say t.v. in the living room as long as it stays out of the bed room. Woman 1 Man 1 = Touch Down!
I needed to fill the spaces on the sides of the mantel with tall decor. I had thought of mirrors of coarse but, really wanted to also make this room has some function with the entertainment. I had found these two tall thomasville book units on craigslist for $200 in federal way. I paid the guy $40 to drive them out (there huge and heavy). They sat in my back yard for 3 days. Then in my living room unpainted for 3 weeks. Then painted one and not the other for almost 2 months. Then finally finished them both. Then of coarse it took me a week to put the hardware back on.

These took forever! They are exactly what the space needed for function and appeal

Delay on the photo op.

These are a couple photos from the weekend of 4th of July. Yeah, it's the end of July now and I'm just putting up a couple but, other then spending some quality time together it was seriously so uneventful. I went up to the cabin to visit with my parents and planned to have a fantastic time. Instead I spent every waking moment itching my eyes, sneezing, coughing from full blown allergy that kicked-my-toosh, GOOD.
This was my only favorite moment. We sat out on the new deck, ate good cheese from Trader Joes, drank and quieted down the boys with cherrios a dozen times.

Again, sorry these photo's are late. I justify it by saying it's still july and everything is like the 5 second rule in my life; or the 20 day rule to be exact.

Hope you had a great sunday, I did!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute pic alert.

... I saw this photo in my old FB pictures and it's one of my favorites...
Mommy loves you boys.

I burnt my lemon bars today but my egg/sausage/ broccoli muffins turned out great. At least 1 out of 2 were a success! The muffins also are great healthy food for kids and babies on the go. The boys sat in the high chairs while they watched me cook. There's a million cherrios on the ground right now, I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac. Its 20 till 10:00 PM and I'm exhausted. I got my wine though, things are good, it's saterday night and I'm on the internet. After I'm going to soak with my Mr. Bubble, yes, the pink bath foam man. I'm livin' the life...

Good night :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

like curling your hair.

From the second my eye's open in the morning, I'm go-go-go. I wake up from the cries of my baby bambino's wanting out of there cribs. Today they slept in! I took my time getting ready for the day and actually curled my hair. Most days I don't even get a chance to take a shower before noon. Today's a good day from a twin mama.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pinterest bandwagon.

I found Pinterest. This is really addicting.

Find me:

Fab Finds.

Today I found these two at TJ maxx. They marked them for $12.00 each side. Seriously, at $24.00 what a deal but, why not price them a pair?? What, like someones going to buy one? Who wants one book end. There buds.

So, I don't know which one to pick, so I put them both on hold.

Until we meet again...


Ya-ya, I'm jumping on this clutch bandwagon! I love me a quality/non,-mainstream/affortable/trendy clutch.