Saturday, August 27, 2011

A day away....

I had suuuuuuch a fabulous time today. Summer in Seattle is sensational! My friends and I hit up the market, ate at a french restaurant for lunch, shopped and ended our trip at Great Jones Home! ...

What I found, and what I wanted at an antique shop in pike place

How Kate Spade are these glass tumblers with gold polka dots!
Great Jones Home... a possible form of decor heaven!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My cake, and my dog.

I made this cake tonight and loved it! I'm going to take some time to perfect the recipe before I share it, along with practicing how to frost using marshmallow as icing! I used coconut flour as a base and like it more then almond flour, for deserts. Has anyone cooked with coconut flour much? What did you make?

See my naughty dog? She's been eating my goods off the counter like a bad-dog. My almond loaf of bread, my blue berry muffins... great danes, I tell you there trouble!

I think I need to have a serious talk with my dog.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get ready to be blasted with pictures.

... I just can't keep these to my self

I could just kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss-kiiiiiissss them!!!! ok-ok... now I'm done :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

*Take a Deep Breathe*

...because this bathroom will leave you breathless.

Dear Carrie from Hazardous Design, I could cry looking at this bathroom it's so stunning. Every detail in the wallpaper, the mirror, vanity, the little monogrammed towel and mostly the chandelier. It's ridiculous! How did you dream this up? I'm so inspired now. So I really love how the wall paper is not floor to ceiling and shared the wall with a shiny wainscoting. It's a powerful print and you played it well!

I've been on this kick.

I throw these three in my eggs in the morning. I love Mushrooms, I LOVE garlic, and I L-O-V-E Rosemary. How do you spice up your eggs?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Project Nursery.

Hi Readers! Rate our Nursery over at Project Nursery. I'd really love to hear your feed back.
Thanks ;)

10 min. Gold Bowl DIY

I found this incredibly iconic looking bowl here on this blog. I just think there gorgeous the way they seem to illuminate from the inside! We'll today we forgot the stroller at grandmas and I'm totally house bound and was itching for something fun to-do, like I'm not already doing 300 bagillion things.

We'll, Here's the one I made to-day! Looks fabulous right?! We'll there are a few things I need to do differently next time but, I was mearly using what I had. For instace look a the shape of bowl your using. I used a cereal bowl I bought from ikea, i most likely ate out of this morning because I got this one out of the dish washer. You want little or no base.

You'll start with your cereal bowl ;)

Step 1: Spray bowl over in this position. Don't forget the rim. It's ok if its on the out side.

Step 2: When dry, flip over. spray all over desired color. I wanted to use black but this was the only color I had. Let dry 10 min.
Step 3: Note! USE GLOSS this will let it shine with all it's might but, again- this is all I had. Since you maybe throwing your jewelry or keys in here it will easily scratch. This will protect it!
The gold sprays pretty evenly but, make sure you don't go crazy like I did or you'll end up with a little drip.