Monday, October 31, 2011


Both boys were Batmans and Clover was Robin. I told her it was payback for all the times she stole food off of the counter.
So we turned around a Liam managed to do THIS to him self. I have no idea how...?! So silly.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Living Room Feature by Swoon Worthy.

My favorite home inspiration comes from friends and other bloggers. Were it was put together by the owners two hands and there DIY's. Well here is one of my favorite living room's that look's like it was strait of a magazine. First off this is a PERFECT balanced room. The chesterfield is so luxurious and I admire the use between the dark and light colors. You also see a ton of femininity in this room with the chandelier, the sunburst...but, there are some awesome masculine elements like that great black chair in the corner and the rich hardwood floors. This is my first livingroom feature of many to come... Here it is strait from the UK... Swoon Worthy. For the rest of her house tour you can see it here.


Friday, October 28, 2011

This is not your grannies tea tray. DIY

This is yet another way to accessorize your home on a budget. This tray only cost me .99 cents from good will and already had the paints from all my previous DIY projects.

This is not your grannies tea tray no'-mo'.

Make this:

In to this:

See how I taped it on the right side? Do this technique instead of the left side which was more of a pain in the butt.

Make sure you do a couple coats of primer and let at least 15 min of drying time between them.
Let extra time dry for the gold coat since you applying tape on it it will come right up.
Use high gloss for paint coat and clear coat.
Peel tape off incredibly slow.

Ikea hack over at Limbic Fire.

I was really impressed when I saw over on the blog Limbic Fire this ikea hack using overlays and swapping out the pulls for these gorgeous gold ring pulls. I had to share it because it's so smart and most of all doesn't even look like a DIY. Personally if my DIY ends up looking, like a DIY. I end up hating it and eventually throwing it away. This looks high end & prebuilt which is why I'm crazy for it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

All sorts of cockeyed.

Ugh... this is a perfect example on how to screw up on an upholstery job. Pattern is very important, especially geometric patterns. They have to lay it properly and center it on what ever your putting on or you'll end up with this. A totally cute pattern thats all sorts of cockeyed...

I'm defeated tonight. I'll return to it tomorrow to fix my mistake. Unfortunately that means cutting out a whole new piece of material. Maybe this one will be a pillow in it's next life....

and here's some new fabric got today I thought looks mighty good paired with the Windsor Smith....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Python Tray.

I stopped at the amazing Great Jones Home yesterday in Seattle and picked me up a little something...

I've been longing for one since I saw these two images:

A new adventure.

OK so here is my biggest NEW adventure! For a long long long time now I've dreamed of owning a dining set like the one on this very popular cover of Domino's magazine in Katie Lee Joel's home. These chairs were actually brought in as staging because her personal chairs which were still featured on the inside of the magazine were solid brown upholstery.

Now, the vintage table I have my eye on is similar to the same regency style. It also comes with chairs that have upholstered backs (similar) not the same to these. These regency (Louis) chairs are VERY expensive and really hard to come by. For $300 for the table set I think I'll pass on minor details hoping I can achieve the same feel as the dining set here in the picture.

Ok now! for textile options

Fabric is really important to me and although the pattern is what I'm looking for I'm VERY stuck on it being this brown.
Now, here is my problem. I have 8 chairs so I will need at least 3 yards to cover them.

Quadrille Aga runs $196 per yard

Caitlin Wilson just came out with her line (like JUST the other day) and here she has a very similar print at $50 a yard! but it's in grey. Isn't her fabric just stunning!? I'm crazy for her new fabric line.

So, I'm Still trying to talk the guy down in price for his table... wondering if I should hold out on something cheaper...what if I can't find one and this one gets sold... should I let go of the brown and just buy the grey... really, I love the brown and would save my pennies. Although the price on the grey is (very very) convincing. I also like that the print is more slanted.
I am repainting my dining room walls light blue too.

Help! Any thoughts on my dilemma?

Pumpkin Chic, Momfit.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Save Money, Shop Craigslist.

Already reupholstered in bright white linen, what?! $400 for the sofa $300 for the loveseat.

someone is SOOOO lucky. If I didn't already have an amazing sofa. I would totally..totally..... buy this.

Bobbin Spindle bed frame, high gloss black or white.

This one is at layla grayce, for like... a million dollars.

You know what to do, paint me. $40

Do not even think about painting this baby, accessories and enjoy! $30 Portland (I am honestly so envious to who ever picks this up. It's amazing)

Do you shop craigslist? What was your latest "find"? My latest find was a pair of campaign nightstands. I can't wait to show off my make over soon!