Monday, February 6, 2012

Visit over at Stephmodo today!

I'm over at Stephmodo today for her Real Home Series. Please stop by to check out the article she has done on Clementine & Olive, and while your there check out her collection of recipes!

Thank you, Stephanie!


  1. I found your website through Stephmodo and I have to say you have fabulous taste! Your house has a great mix of sophistication and fun.

    I hate to ask this of you because I know you will be inundated with requests now, but I'm dying to know where you found the light blue, fat stripe rug in your living room. I've been searching for one just like it for almost a year now, so you can tell I'm starting to go a bit batty over this darn rug! Thanks so much!

  2. Found you via Stephmodo and love, love, love your home! That orange door in the nursery is genius!

  3. I too found your website on CS. I have lots of fun checking it out when you post something new!! Love your style!

  4. i found you via stephmodo. love your digs and your style. i was real life home # 7 (color!) and so its probably no surprise i adore that orange door!