Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Knock Off Fabric

My favorite! This quadrille Aga knock off!

(I bought some to spruce the house up for Easter :)

Just do your self a favor and check out this designer on Spoon flower. 

Im ordering tons of her fabric this week for the shop!!


  1. So funny, that first fabric is one of the outdoor fabrics I've chosen for my deck makeover for the summer :) Love it! x

  2. You are the best!! I have been on the hunt for the red October for some decent fabric that I didn't have to sell my first born for....great resource!

  3. I love her shop on Spoonflower! I did a blog post on her a while back... I am in love with a fabric she has called Watercolor Drops, also a huge fan of Hot Indian Princess. It's so cool that you featured Domesticate on your blog! I need to go check and see what she has that's new.