Saturday, March 31, 2012

My sweet bubu.

I just had to share this sweetness. When it's nap time, Ethan climbs out of his crib (need to get new toddler bed asap) and plays with his toys until he finds a spot to curl up on the floor and nap. Soft snuggly blankets are this boys weakness. When you wrap him up in something snuggly, he melts and calms down almost always falling asleep.

Of coarse I snuck around his room taking pictures of him and his angelic babyness. 

BTW I pull the changing mat off the dresser and put it on the ground because usually he lands on that. Not this time.


  1. That is beautiful those are the precious moments we hv to cherish.

  2. How adorable!!! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog!!! PS Where are those fantastic pillow covers from on the floor in the picture??

  3. Ohhh such a cutie. Bet it took every fibre of your being to resist picking him up for a wee cuddle! x

  4. Love it! Am totally freaking out about the day i find Wells on the wrong side of those crib bars!

  5. Omg, our boys would have the most fantastic play dates! Kage is right there too, we can't keep him in his crib to save our lives. At least at night he will go to sleep in it (but one of us has to sit in there till he falls asleep), naps are def interesting.

    He looks so cute snuggled with that blanket!

    Xx. Patience

  6. Oh my goodness, gracious. Sooo cute. I bet it is comforting for you to know that he'll never get cold at night!