Thursday, April 12, 2012

My new moroccan beni rug!

One fine day in the land far-far away, Tacoma WA. A young fair mother of twins browsed her local craigslist:

"Wool rug with unique design" $145

To my eye's dismay was this some sort of Moroccan beni rug? Could this be?

I literally gasped and emailed them immediately
Then checked my email every 20 minutes 
(I know I'm a huuuuge dork)
Then finally I got a reply after I prepared my self to be "let down"

It wrote:
A person was coming to see it and they'd email me if it didn't sell.

Well! I offered them $200, she took my offer and picked it up the next day.

I swear...if there was a craigslist pedestal or cloud craigslist, I'm totally on it right now

I'm not totally positive it's an antique, or moroccan but, I am positive it has the same lines.

The colors are not black and creme like many, the color way on mine is dark brown and medium brown. Much like the color of snuffleupagus from sesame street.

(The fact I just compared a color to snuffleupagus really screams I have twins toddlers doesn't, it...)

Here are some other things going on at my abode:


  1. Holy Crap you are a craigslist genious! Teach me your ways. Pretty please!!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! You lucky lady you!!

  3. Looks like you are having great finds of your own! I love it when that happens. I am planning on selling the platner...BUT, shipping, not so much. I would be sooo screwed, like $1000 screwed if the marble broke or got damaged in any way. ( = No fun!

  4. Say it isn't so?!! Putting the West Elm version in our tots nursery. It looks fantastic lucky lady

    Not nearly as exciting as your find, but I am super pumped to go pick it up( just the chairs for $40!!!)
    Jo Jo the idiot circus clown can never figure out how to leave a post any other way than as anonymous

  6. I didn't actually think you living room could get any more gorgeous but it really looks fabulous! Love the rug, what a find! xxx