Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet Chanel & Marc

Friday afternoon on my regular goodwill hunt I decided to dabble through the purse selection. Imagine me on the phone with my mom blabbing away 

Meet Mr. Marc "Omgsh mom! You wouldn't believe what I found! Wow. I wonder if theres anything else??"

In steps Ms. Chanel "Mom holy crap!" I throughly detail the bag with my eyes for signs of a replica. So far it's obviously used with moderate wear, purse and tassle real lambskin. The inside is worn including the 5 digit code in the bottom of the purse which is suppose to show it's authenticity.  Heck, if it was a replica it's the best one I've seen... 

Both purses were both under $20.00 and the very very very best part was I was literally scouring Ebay for similar ones by Marc and Chanel for my up coming trip to California. 

*At this point I was doing a silent happy dance*

and then became not so silent once I Ebay'd the chanel purse HERE

Sometimes I wonder why in the world would people give things like this away - then I quickly don't care because they obviously found a new loving owner.

I'd love to hear a story of something you found that blew your mind?


  1. Uhhhh...I never look in the purse section. Jealous!!!

  2. i once found a king size missoni duvet cover for $9.99 at the goodwill in ballard. unfortunately it didn't fit my comforter, so i sold it on ebay and gave back 1/2 of the profit to goodwill.

  3. I just found some Hermes pillowcases for less then .50 cents! Love, love the purses! Lucky you!

  4. I found a labarge glass and brass coffee table for $26 that retails on ebay for $600! Love stories like this.

  5. Oh my god, what a find!!! I can't help but love when people have no idea what they are giving/selling ;) Lucky you!! xxx

  6. What Goodwill did you go to??? I'm always on the hunt for treasure around the Goodwills of Seattle, but I never find anything :( So jealous! Enjoy your finds!!

  7. I seriously can't believe you found both of those at a goodwill!! You are SO lucky.

  8. Super super jealous of the Chanel. Drooling over here.