Sunday, July 1, 2012

Your heart will burst.

So, yes! we've been very MIA this week. My poor Liam has had an on going...well, something that started as a flu and ended up being an allergic reaction to something he's digesting. It's not pretty here. So per the doctors orders I am starting with eliminating all dairy to begin with for one week. Next wheat, so on and so on. 

:) Fun stuff right?

 It's cool. Joys of mother hood. 

Did your heart just burst when you looked at the pictures below and realized they fell asleep holding hands. Aw! I know. Mine did too! Liam didn't feel good so, he climbed into Ethans crib (yes, because they are baby ninjas) fell asleep with him holding his hand. 

Um, yes. I died.

AND. then. I tippy toed around the room taking more then a dozen photos

No but, really they are my pride and joy and nothing but.

This is my typical friday night dating scene. 


I know, you're SO jelous. 

It's ok, really, I totally get it... I mean who wouldn't, be. I get to dine with two fine young men.

After we proceeded to Ikea to pick up two malm beds and mattresses. Well...

Major Fail.

For some reason today I'm a tard and left with out measuring the wall they would be on side by side and I stood there in front of it thinking. Yep, this is too wide, shoot, it wont work. Went back home measured the wall and realized that if they were side by side it would leave exactly 5"inches between the two beds. 

So in the end we are getting these plain toddler beds since I'm anti bunk beds. (sorry cool moms) ;)

I said "Go on Ethan, give it a try" In ikea, he climbed in the bed, laid down under the covers like a big boys and closed his eyes. (missed that picture!) 
Got this one.

So my lovely readers. July 2nd my two twinies turn two!

We are getting big boy beds, playing at the water park, getting proper hair cuts and leaving for California on the 5th!

Of course it brings soggy tears that these two babies are toddlers. 

Tonight, we rolled around the bedroom floor reading our favorite book and taking fun blurry pictures.

Good night!

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  1. Awww the holding hands pic is seriously the cutest thing ever! Bless :) xxx