Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No 1. Show and Tell - Lidia's cozy craftsman.

For a while now I've been meaning to share with my reader's, my friend Lidias cozy home. I especially wanted to share her son Finn's nursery because I love how whimsical and fun it is! Since she is from europe you can see hints of that in her style. I've also thrown in pictures from the rest of her home. Enjoy!

Kelly Wearstler China Hutch.

Finally! I bought some Kelly Wearstler wall paper. By the end of this month to mid March I will have a few china hutches similar to the inspiration picture below, they will be priced from $500-$800. I am so excited about these. If you are interested in having first dibs feel free to email me so I can keep you on a mailing list when they are done.

Thank you!

via pintrest

What else could a girl want?

My friends and I went to the cabin this past weekend. It was such good fun! No kids, wine, quietness and beauty products. What else could a girl want?

On and on.

Sorry to go on about faux flowers. I decided to keep them. When I shot that previous post about doing this new coffee table for the shop, with my new faux flowers on top, it made me realize. Wow, could I really have "flowers" on my coffee table again. Which if your a mom I think there is an immediate understanding with that. Besides for the fact that it might break (on the carpet?) if it falls. It's also a really great way for me to practice,


...with the boys. I don't know, safety is really important to me so you never know I could get to paranoid of it smashing some how, some way on the carpet. 

Designing my home, practicality is on my list. I don't know what I was thinking but, my amazing faux bamboo coffee table is up stairs in the attic ;( I bought it before the boys could walk. They started to want to crawl under it. The coffee table has panels of glass ONE! time I found Ethan on top of it when I went to the bathroom. Crap, that scared me. I immediately put it up stairs. I'm not afraid to admit "mom oops" in public. You are kidding your self if you can't admit that you mess up in mommyhood.... or life. We are all human... The glass didn't break but, easily could have. Little things like this teaches you how everything you buy has to be "baby proof".

No I didn't say ugly, just strong, durable, and preferably padded or round.

I think he's excited as I am

Again, most of my pictures are taken in the morning around breakfast time. So on my blog they always seem like they are in diapers! I swear it's not that way. Only before breakfast.

I got this new turquoise pot from Tj to the Maxx. 

It's so cute.

Just had to show it off.

In other new's I apologize in advance if my blog is slow this week. Its one of those kind of weeks. I have a few deliveries, installing some designs, working on some custom pieces and being a mother of twins, while juggling life. I don't know how I do it but, I can tell you at the end of the day I can't talk strait, that. for. sure.

At least one things comes from it all. I'm very happy in life right now, and filled with joy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Way to step it up Martha. The best sunburst for $34

I couldn't believe this when I saw this at home depot. I'm sure someone has already come across this great mirror but I haven't! So I was really excited tonight to find it. I even wanted to buy it but, really I have no wall space for another sunburst. $34 for a 30" gorgeous sunburst! The gold is such a perfect shade too. Just to top it off the mirror isn't flat (I'm not sure of the correct terminology) but, it curves, like a bowl.

Go Martha Stewart, way to step it up.

So of coarse what else does martha stewart got going on right now? A chesterfield at Macy's for around $1000. My friend saw this one in person and she said she loved it.

I give two thumbs up to her right now.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dorothy Draper Coffee Table.

Blue & white porcelain is very inexpensive and creates such beautiful decor. I love them as a collection such as the picture below.

via Haute Look

Since last week I've started collecting them and I know just where there going to go!

This the new coffee table I'm working on for Clementine & Olive. It's got a Dorothy Draper look. I thought painting trim would be easy, which it is, it's just tedious. I think I'm going to do a little at a time.

I can't wait to see it staged with a ginger pot and a bunch of peonies. I just threw these on to see what it looked like. I'm getting excited.

Thoughts on DIY.

Here's my thoughts on DIYs. 

When designing a room (on a budget...discarding millionaires) people often spend the money in the wrong place. A place where you can actually save money is the furniture.   You can find an incredible neutral colored vintage sofa for $200. That sofa could often be the saver of the budget so you can spend the larger portion on textiles, drapes, THE RUG or reupholstering AND ACCESSORIES 

We've all done it ( I know I have ), bought a department store sofa that usually starts at $700 and isn't that fabulous. For examples when microfiber/faux leather sofa's were all the rage (really?... did I use the word rage) Anyway, trying to design a tasteful room with one of those (to me) is like a big neon green elephant standing in a room.

I always suggest spending a good amount of money on accessories, even though your think spending $100+ on a sunburst mirror sucks, it creates the rooms quality. I always buy vintage or try using Ebay!

People spend a ton of time and little money recreating their dream accessories which isn't horrible ( good for you! )  just sometimes the quality of the room is compromised. 

Don't get me wrong I'm the queen of trying out a new DIY because when it's great it saves a lot of money.... but, do I always keep it in my home? Sometimes I do, most of the time I don't. Like I actually tried to re-create this brass knot by Kelly Wearstler. It was a no go. Seriously that thing is harder to make then it looks. I'm going to give it another go trying another technique... well, see. My nail head lack hack I liked, thought that one was a winner. 

When people are successful at a DIY and it almost is flawless I get SO excited. Example, the RAST hack is popular because the quality looks fab! I've also seen some wallpaper covered tables that look out of this world.

So here is my new favorite DIY. It looks amazing, I want one...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sneak peak of my inventory.

Here is the before picture on the piece I picked up this today. 

I got inspired when I saw this one on Etsy for a little over $500 (below).

BTW Can anyone tell me the details on that rug? ...A Madeline Weinrib, you think?

Love the rug, and the entry chest.

Other inventory I have that will be posted in the next week.

-A small chrome desk chair that kind of has a Milo Baughman style to it
-A black mid century desk
-A coffee table with some Dorothy Draper/Regency flare

Also I am rehoming my branch lamp and mirrored nightstand. I'm going to post some better pictures in a couple days but, I have a piece of classic furniture I'd like to put in it's spot.

If you are interested in either feel free to email me. I won't be shipping either because they are fragile.

(chaaaannnnggggeeeesss *sing*)


Also check out this great giveaway over at Low Life Couture!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Camille and her kitchen make over.

My friend Camille from The Vintage Object, rents a great home down in the bay area. Being a person who also rents, her blog post this morning really opened my eyes to transforming your space (with a little money) even if you don't own it. This post is really a great read for you new yorkers, bay area people or city living folks; where the price to own a home compared to renting can be even three times what you pay per month.

and yes, this will be the link I send to my landlord ;)

My shopping list.

wa ts

I picked up this really cool little necklace from H&M for about $5.00. I think its really neat because the circle twirls. The quality is so good its really hard to tell that it's all fake metal and insert. The insert is a nude color, the lower picture also makes it look white.

My links for this post were getting really funky and wouldn't let me insert this up top (weird).

1. Nars illuminator orgasm
2. Bobbi brown eye cream
3. Boscia illuminating black face mask
4. kate spade purse, campbell
5. Monogrammed necklace from sales
6. Nars Madly blush