About Us

I am a single mother of two beautiful twin boys. The day they came in my life my whole world became far more colorful and dynamic, inspiring me to create and express my creative ideas. My twin boys are my world. They love bubbly baths, cookies, snuggly blankets, legos, smelling flowers, playing with trucks, riding their strider bike, dancing with mama and both have button noses, that are just-like-mine

 My company Clementine & Olive is about redesigning old drabby furniture by putting a new spin to it with some fresh paint and beautiful upholstery. Long before I blogged I had always wanted a place to express my thoughts, ideas and my voice. So my blog, it grew. By day I work in sports medicine, as a massage therapist with major sports teams and athletes along side trainers, in chiropractic offices, hospitals and many sporting events. You'll always find me nose deep in a kinesiology book or the learning the latest sports medicine technique in my field. I'm a woman with many passions and the human body is definitely one of them.

First and foremost I'm all sorts of wanderlust in my heart. I've lived and traveled all over the world and believe being able to experience culture is a very valuable personal experience and leaves you always wanting to explore. You'll find me happiest and most inspired out doors soaking up the smells of the wilderness, mountain biking, cycling, or backpacking on local trails and getting my hiking boots a new coat of mud. A few years ago I have found such a creative spot in my heart and painting furniture became a hobby that evolved into a living...

 I'm a simple woman with many passions in photography, mountain biking, cycling, health, design, art, dreaming of where to travel next, vintage cars,, tasteful music, fresh flowers, coffee, wine, beer and tea. I love most the little things life, like what you take for granted everyday. 

Blogging for me has been an absolutely wonderful way to express everything that goes on in my head and has evolved in to the ultimate journal I've always wanted. Stay a while and enjoy!

Thank you, for featuring Clementine & Olive: